Darren Hill Dealing With The Tough Stuff. How To Achieve Results From Key Conversations

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Darren  Hill Dealing With The Tough Stuff. How To Achieve Results From Key Conversations


Краткий анонс книги Darren Hill Dealing With The Tough Stuff. How To Achieve Results From Key Conversations. This updated second edition includes new material on key conversations with distance workers, as well as within the context of a fast-growth company, and a broad selection of real-world case studies from a diverse array of workplaces. No one enjoys these conversations, but they are inevitable – and the right set of skills goes a long way toward making them run smoothly, with greater results out the other side. Backed by contemporary psychological theory and time-tested amongst thousands of leaders, these highly relevant suggestions give you the power to deal with the tough stuff effectively and compassionately. A practical toolkit for handling workplace conflict and difficult conversations Dealing with the Tough Stuff is the business leaders critical guide to handling difficult conversations in the workplace. The human element plays a large part in the managers role, yet many lack the training needed to deal with people effectively. Dealing with the Tough Stuff is your indispensable primer on human behaviour, and effectively navigating tough conversations at work. Achieve clarity and directness in your communications Deal with anger, stubbornness and defensiveness Develop the skills to manage immediate crises Set priorities, and build a foundation of strong communication Avoiding the tough stuff can be extremely costly for managers, staff and the business as a whole. Youll learn a variety of diagnostics, models and processes that you can start using today, and youll benefit from expert tips, tricks and tools for leading important conversations with empathy and assertiveness. This book helps you understand what makes people tick, and helps you develop the human skills you need to manage. Based on the science of human behaviour – both verbal and nonverbal – this book is packed full of practical and pragmatic strategies for managing conflict situations.

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