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Краткий анонс книги REDZONE. Cassandra Lee is a LA cop, home base for the Pac-Northwest now controlled by norms. Her fathers murder by a serial killer gave her an unstoppable determination for justice. A now unpredicable killer, or two? The year is 2065, over fifty years since a terrorist virus divided the world between areas where those mutated from exposure live, and the safe areas controlled by norms. The Bonebreaker continues his reign of terrior, but when new, strange killings appear that fall outside the pattern, Lee and her team face even higher stakes. And when a letter from her long-lost mother appears, Lee must venture into back into the Red Zone, into a anarchic, wild territory where might makes right--and the biggest danger may be from her own relatives. The stakes have never been higher, even for a seasoned pro like Deadeye. A take-no-prisoners attitude and formidable firearms skills earned her the nickname Deadeye.

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Чуковский К. Мойдодыр

Синяк А. Самый простой самоучитель работы на компьютере для женщин

Френк И. Английский язык. Букварь в картинках

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