Buffalo Soldier

by arfeus on 26.07.2017

Buffalo Soldier


Краткий анонс книги Buffalo Soldier. But then her adopted mother is raped and lynched at the hands of a mob and Charley is left alone. A desperate one. Thats who. At the end of the American Civil War, Charley – a young African-American slave from the deep south – is ostensibly freed. Soon shes being sent to the prairies to fight a whole new war against the savage Indians. In a terrifyingly lawless land, where the colour of a persons skin can bring violent death, Charley disguises herself as a man and joins the army. What kind of a girl steals the clothes from a dead mans back and runs off to join the army? Trapped in a world of injustice and inequality, its only when Charley is posted to Apache territory that she begins to learn what it is to be truly free. Winner of the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2015.

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