Postcards from No Mans Land

by anniecox88 on 21.12.2017

Postcards from No Mans Land


Краткий анонс книги Postcards from No Mans Land. There, he meets Geertrui, a terminally ill old lady, who tells an extraordinary story of love and betrayal, which completely overturns Jacobs view of himself and his country, and leads him to question his place in the world. Jacobs story is paralled in time by the events of the dramatic day in World War II when retreating troops were sheltered by Geertruis family. An intensely moving and richly layered novel, spanning 50 years, which powerfully evokes the atmosphere of war while brilliantly interweaving Jacobs exploration of new relationships in contemporary Amsterdam. Jacob Todd is abroad on his own for the first time, visiting his grandfathers grave at the annual commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem in Amsterdam.

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